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PolarPro Drone Pen - Lens Cleaner

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PolarPro Drone Pen

- Cleaning pen designed specifically for drones and filters
- Invisible carbon cleaning compound is lens safe
- 2-in-1 pen includes retractable brush and small polishing pad
- Helps remove dust, dirt, and oil
- Works with Phantom 4, Phantom 3, Inspire 1, Solo & Yuneec drones

PolarPro's dual tip DronePen is a compact and versitle tool that can be clipped to your pocket or stashed in your drone case. It provides 2 tools to keep your camera lens, filters, gimbal and motors free of dust and dirt. One side of the pen has a retractable brush for brushing dust and other debris off of the gimbal and motors, while the other side of the pen has a small buffer pad treated with a carbon cleaning solution that helps remove oil and smudges. The DronePen will keep all of your Phantom 4, Phantom 3, Inspire 1, Solo, or Yuneec camera lenses and filters clean, so that you can capture crystal clear content.