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PolarPro Gimbal Guard-Camera Protection

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PolarPro Gimbal Guard - Camera Protection

The Gimbal Guard for Phantom 3 Quadcopter from PolarPro is designed to protect your camera and gimbal during rough landings. The gimbal guard snaps between both sides of the landing gear for easy installation and removal. The camera guard is designed to take a majority of the impact during a crash landing, giving your camera and gimbal greater chances of survival. In addition to crash protection, the black gimbal guard stands out against a white or blue sky, giving pilots greater aircraft visibility during flight.

Constructed out of a lightweight, glass-filled nylon, the gimbal guard protects with minimal increase in weight or drag. Additionally, it has been designed to stay out of the camera's field of view, even while it's pointing straight down. The gimbal guard will also not interfere with any of the Phantom 3's sensors.

The gimbal guard is compatible with the Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 3 Advanced, and Phantom 3 Standard models.

- Helps protect camera and gimbal during rough landings
- Simple snap-on installation/removal
- Increases Phantom 3 visibility while airborne
- Stays clear of camera and all sensors