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Xsories X-Crane Mini

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Xsories X-Crane Mini

Compatible with all digital cameras, camcorders, and tripods for professional level videography. Rugged yet lightweight, the X-Crane Mini is constructed of carbon fiber and only weighs 3.3 lb, making trasnporting the X-Crane easier than ever before - perfect for mobile professional video shooting from the beach to the mountains. It easily supports up to 11 lb of equipment, while its telescopic arm extends over 6.5 feet with full 360 degree mobility. Just like professional cranes, you can mount a full array of accessories to the crane, giving you access to tools that make your videos truly unique. Mobile, versatile, stable and reliable, the X-Crane Mini enables you to reach new heights in video capture!

Technical Specifications:
- Material: carbon fiber
- Max. load: 5kg / 11 lb
- Tilt Length: 210 cm / 82.68 inches
- Tube diameter: 30 mm / 1.181 inches

Additional Information:
- Durable carbon fibre and aluminium construction
- Simple set-up and use
- Wide range of movement