XSories U-Shot + Wrist Cord XSories U-Shot + Wrist Cord XSories U-Shot + Wrist Cord XSories U-Shot + Wrist Cord

XSories U-Shot + Wrist Cord

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XSories U-Shot + Wrist Cord

The XS Pack: U-Shot + Wrist Cord Cam from XSories combines our versatile U-Shot telescopic camera pole with our Wrist Cord Cam Camera Leash for capturing the action in even the most unpredicatble environments. The U-Shot extends to over 19" and features an aluminum ball head that tilts and rotates, giving you truly unique angles. The Wrist Cord Cam securely tethers the U-Shot to your wrist with its velcro strap and security tie, giving your valuable gear extra protection. From the beaches to the mountains, the XS Pack gives you greater creative freedom while keeping your gear safe and protectedin even the roughest environments!

Technical Specifications:
- Min. Length: 180mm / 7.1in
- Max. Length: 490mm / 19.3in
- Max. Camera load: 3kg / 6lb
- Weight: 105g / 3.7oz

- Max. Diameter strap: 245mm / 9.6in
- Cord Length: 180mm / 7.0in
- Weight: 58g / 2.0oz

Additional Information:
- Universal screw
- Aluminium ball-head with thumb screw
- Anodized finish
- Universal thread insert
- Large size range
- Ultra strong Urethane cord
- Double swivel to prevent tangles
- Camera safety tether